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Thursday, April 13, 2006

homework schmomework

(That's for Michael Marcus, although I don't actually know if he reads this.)

Usually a huge stack of books waiting to be read fills me with glee - "Looky, there are so many great books in the world! All for me!" - but right now I feel like I'm slacking on an assignment. A library copy of Maximum City showed up in my mailbox at work yetserday (not because someone stole it and mailed it to me - the university library will mail you your books - how fantastic is that?), and my order with the Rough Guide and City of Djinns came the day before that, and I'm still not done with Arrow of the Blue-Skinned God and haven't even started the Rushdie novel someone lent me. Out of control!


At 9:04 PM, Blogger Si said...

I just jumped over here from [You] Love[s] Bollywood. I found earlier this week that I, too, am going to India this summer and now I.can't.concentrate. I am compulsively surfing the web, reading travel journals.

I liked Maximum City, even if the author seemed just a little too turned on by the underworld. The Bollywood chapter was (of course) the most interesting. A friend gave me Holy Cow by Sarah Macdonald the other day, and it was a nice read. I'm not really looking to experience all the religions India has to offer in the space of 60 days, but still, it was interesting.


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