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Thursday, August 03, 2006

we're on our way home

In about 9 hours I'll be on the plane, waiting to take off to come home. It's time, but only because I'm just exhausted from these fantastic adventures. And to be honest, I'm also really sick of the clothes in my suitcase, and I could definitely use an iced coffee (or ten).

I hope within a week or so to have my pictures online, and I'll post them all here, city by city - with captions of course.

My thoughts are so scattered and I really ought to be packing, but in the meantime, thank you India (ha ha ha, you'll all have that song stuck in your head now!) for once-in-a-lifetime experiences. I know I'll be back here (although probably not at the Taj Hotel in Delhi, much to the dismay of Adnan, my very best business center staff friend), but for now, leaving is so sad. I hope there's a funny movie on the plane - Munnabhai, perhaps?


At 9:26 AM, Blogger Nanette said...

Champaign Public Library has Munnabhai (I know, because I have it checked out right now!). So you can put in on hold when you arrive back in the fair city of Champaign!

At 5:50 AM, Blogger Maja said...

Wow, these 5 weeks passed really fast, I can't believe you're going home already! Has it gone by so fast for you too?

Really looking forward to the pictures :)


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